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City Creek Center: A shopping experience like no other

In the heart of Salt Lake City, City Creek Center is the retail centerpiece of one of the nation's largest mixed-use downtown redevelopment projects. This unique shopping environment features a retractable glass roof, a creek that runs through the property, a pedestrian skybridge and more. This world-class fashion and dining destination offers over 100 stores and restaurants including Nordstrom, Macy's, Tiffany & Co., Michael Kors, Coach, and Texas de Brazil Churrascaria, in a casual, pedestrian-friendly environment.

Today's Hours:

10:00 AM - 9:00 PM


50 South Main Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84144

Phone Number:

(801) 521-2012


Anchored by Macy's and Nordstrom, this world-class fashion and dining destination opened March 22, 2012. 


Jan 1st - Dec 31st Feed the Fish

Feed the Fish

Wish to feed the fish? Join us every Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. for our weekly fish feeding at the trout pond near the Customer Service desk. 

Jan 1st - Dec 31st Architecture Tour

Architecture Tour

Stroll through City Creek Center on a self-guided tour to discover stunning architecture combined with the beauty of nature! You'll see waterfalls, fountains, a pedestrian sky bridge, retractable roof, unique sculptures and more!


Pick-up your architectural brochure guide at the Customer Service desk located on Level 1 near the Macy's entrance and let your adventure begin!

Jan 1st - Dec 31st America First Credit Union Fountain Shows

America First Credit Union Fountain Shows

Enjoy our lively America First Credit Union fountain shows in Richards Court every hour at the top of the hour and special presentations of three shows at 7 pm and 9 pm each evening. Designed by the creators of the famed Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas, our musically choreographed fountain shows delight and entertain as streams of water shoot as high as 40 feet in the air in playful patterns with fire elements added after dusk.

Special Offers

Jan 1st - Dec 31st City Creek Center Perks Card

City Creek Center Perks Card

Are you a downtown Salt Lake City office worker, City Creek Center employee or resident? If so, you are eligible to receive a free City Creek Center Perks Card! The perks card can be presented at participating City Creek Center retailers to receive special offers and discounts. A current list of participating retailers and offers can be found at


For more information or to pick-up your perks card, please visit the Customer Service desk located on Level 1 of the East block near Macy's.

The information presented here has been provided to us by the retailer. Please contact the retailer directly to confirm product availability and current sales information.


Where is the parking for City Creek Center?

There are approximately 5,000 underground spaces in total located underground on both the East and West blocks. City Creek Center Parking is accessible from West Temple, 100 South, South Temple and State Street. Valet parking is also available entering Regent Street Westbound on 100 South between State Street and Main Street. For a map and more information click here.

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Which City Creek Center retailers validate for parking?

These stores currently offer parking validations with purchase:

Al Rounds Studio
Brighton Collectibles
Cheesecake Factory
Illume Gallery of Fine Art
J. Crew
J. Jill
Mr. Mac
Nordstrom Sixth & Pine
Porsche Design
Restoration Hardware ($2 with $100 purchase)
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (with $20 purchase)
Rolex Boutique O.C.
Sephora (with $50 purchase)
Steve Madden
Texas de Brazil
The Gym
Tiffany & Co.
West Elm

*List subject to change. See stores for additional information and requirements.

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Is photography allowed within the center?

Guests are welcome to take personal pictures of their City Creek experience in the common areas of the center. Individual stores do have rules governing photography of their stores. Commercial photography, including family portraits, class photos, wedding or engagement sittings, is not permitted within the center.

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I am a performer. How can I play music at City Creek Center?

All performers at our center are contracted and scheduled through Condie Entertainment. You can learn more about Condie Entertainment at

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Where is the center Security Office located?

The City Creek Center Security Offices are located at the North end of the Food Court. The Food Court is located on the East block, level 1, easily accessible from Regent Court or through the World Trade Center at City Creek entrances on 100 South and State Street.

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What is City Creek Center's Code of Conduct?

Our Code of Conduct is consistent with most shopping centers across the Country and all other shopping centers in the Taubman portfolio.


City Creek Center is a privately-owned property (“Property”).  We welcome all visitors who comply with these Rules of Conduct and our other policies.  We have established these Rules of Conduct to insure the safety and comfort of all visitors.  The following are prohibited on the Property:

1.    Disorderly, intimidating, threatening, dangerous or disruptive conduct of any nature, including but not limited to: use of obscene or insulting language or gestures, loitering, running, yelling, fighting, throwing any objects, littering, playing radios or other audio devices, rollerblading, skateboarding, bicycling.

2.    Standing, walking, sitting or moving in such a way as to cause inconvenience to others,  or in or on a prohibited area or object.

3.    Any act which could result in physical harm to persons or damage to property.

4.    Any act prohibited by local, state or federal laws or ordinances.

5.    Truancy.

6.    Possession of an open container or consumption of alcoholic beverages other than in licensed areas.

7.    Possession or consumption of illegal substances.

8.    Distribution of literature or other items, offering any item for sale, solicitation, conducting surveys, videotaping or photography, without, in each instance, the prior written consent of center management under the center's Access Policy or other applicable policies.

9.    Visiting the center without shirt or shoes, or failing to be fully clothed. Wearing clothing that is, or in a manner that is, obscene, offensive to others, that may provoke a disturbance, or is otherwise inconsistent with a first-class, family oriented shopping center.

10.    Smoking.

11.    Possession of pets or other animals, except dogs, is prohibited.  Dogs and their owners must adhere to the Canine Code of Conduct at all times.  Canine Code of Conduct is available at Customer Service.

The foregoing list of prohibited activities is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all prohibited activities on the Property, and management reserves the right to prohibit any activity or conduct which is detrimental to or inconsistent with a first-class, family oriented shopping center.  Management's interpretation of these Rules of Conduct is conclusive and binding.

Violators of these Rules of Conduct may be subject to expulsion, banning, and/or arrest for criminal trespass or for other violation of law.  Violators of banning orders may be subject to arrest and prosecution for criminal trespass.  These Rules of Conduct may be amended or changed at any time and are in addition to all other rules and policies pertaining to the Property.

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What is City Creek Center's bike policy?

City Creek Center allows bicycles within the center with the following restrictions:

  • Bicycles must be walked while on property
  • Bicycles are not allowed on elevators or escalators
  • Bicycles are not to be left unattended
  • Bicycles cannot be locked to anything other than a bike rack. Bikes locked to trees, fences, etc. will be removed.

Look for dozens of bike racks around and in the center for your convenience. We have 50 bicycle rack spaces in the underground garage and 40 street racks in 8 different locations.

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What are the rules for the children's play fountain, Engage?

The fountains are for the enjoyment of all. Please observe these rules:

  • Superivse your children.
  • Wear shoes and clothing; no swimwear.
  • No running.
  • Keep pets, glass, toys and other items out of the fountain.

 Use of the fountain is at your own risk. Call 911 for emergencies. Contact 801-238-5325 for first aid.

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Who are the retail anchors?

Macy’s – approximately 155,000 sf, three-levels
Nordstrom – approximately 124,000 sf, two-levels

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Where is the Food Court located?

The Food Court is located on the East block, level 1, easily accessible from Regent Court or through the World Trade Center at City Creek entrances on 100 South and State Street.

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What are the operating hours for the Food Court?

The Food Court hours are Monday through Saturday, 10am to 9pm.

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Are pets allowed in the center?

City Creek Center welcomes well-behaved dogs on proper leashes in its outdoor common areas. Stores that also welcome dogs have signs at their entrances. Please note that some stores do not permit dogs inside. A list of stores that welcome dogs is available at the Customer Service desk.
Dogs are not permitted in the Food Court, restaurants, landscaping, water features or on escalators.

Our first priority is the comfort and convenience of our human visitors. Dog owners must adhere to
these rules of safety and courtesy:

•Your dog must be leashed or inside a carrier at all times.
•Retractable leashes and leashes longer than six (6) feet are not permitted.
•You must control your dog at all times.
•You are legally responsible for your dog’s behavior.  You are responsible to clean up after your dog.
•Do not leave your dog unattended at any time.
•If your dog is deemed to be a disturbance by City Creek Center Management, you will be asked to remove your dog from the premises immediately.
•Your dog must be in compliance with applicable laws, including laws regulating licensing and vaccinations.
•Dogs are not permitted in the Food Court, restaurants, water features, landscaping, or on escalators.

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Which City Creek Center retailers allow dogs within their stores?

City Creek Center is a canine-friendly shopping center. Here is a list of retailers that allow dogs within their stores.

Allen Edmonds
Ann Taylor
The Art of Shaving
At&T Mobility
Banana Republic
Bauer’s Fashoin Eyewear
Brighton Collectibles
Brooks Brothers*
Cotton On
The Disney Store
Express/Express Men
Forever 21
GNC Live Well
Go! Games & Toys
Lens Crafters
Love Culture
Micheal Kors
N3L Optics
Restoration Hardware
Rolex by O.C. Tanner
Steve Madden
Sunglass Hut
Tiffany & Co.
Tricked Out Accessories
Utah Woolen Mills
Yankee Candle
West Elm
White House Black Market

*small dogs only

 **Individual store policies may differ. See store for details.

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What amenities are offered?

City Creek Center has a variety of dining selections, including outdoor dining; a creek running throughout the project with live fish (in the pond in the court in front of Macy's) and two 18 ft tall waterfalls; proprietary feature fountains with music and programmed displays; 1000-seat Food Court; children’s indoor Play Area; unique gathering spaces for shoppers; wi-fi; underground weather protected parking; a retractable skylight roof; Main Street pedestrian bridge featuring an observation room- mid-way on the bridge with views down Main Street and to the mountains — an authentic, urban, retail, mixed-use experience.

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Where can I get a wheelchair?

Customer Service, located in the East block , level 1, provides complimentary wheelchairs on a first-come, first-serve basis. We recommend you visit early to ensure availability.

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How many stores are there in the retail portion? How big is the retail portion?

There are more than 100 stores. City Creek Center features approximately 700,000 square feet of retail and an additional 60,000 square feet (approximately) of retail tenants located in the base of adjacent office and residential buildings on the same blocks.

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Where can I purchase a mall gift card?

City Creek Center gift cards are available for purchase at the Customer Service desk, located in the East block, level 1. City Creek Center gift cards can be redeemed at all stores and restaurants that accept American Express.

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Do you have a discount card, coupons or coupon book for tourists?

We are happy to offer out out-of-town guests a special collection of savings and offers from City Creek Center stores and restaurants. If you are visiting from more than 50 miles from City Creek Center, pick up a Passport to Shopping at our Customer Service desk.


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What is the size of the retractable roof?

Approximately 250' long x 60' wide operable skylights on each block for a total of 500'.

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How big is the project overall?

Approximately 23 acres, 2.5 Salt Lake blocks, 1.2 million sf office, approximately 800+/- new residential units and 500 existing hotel rooms, City Creek Center will have approximately 700,000 square feet of retail and an additional 60,000 square feet (approximately) of retail tenants located in the base of adjacent office and residential buildings on the same blocks.

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How many jobs has the shopping center created before and after construction?

Approximately 1,700 construction jobs and 2,000 permanent jobs.

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What percentage of the business trade building the center is local?

More than 80% of the construction workers were local.  Our three general contractors were all Utah-based companies.

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Is the project LEED certified?

City Creek Center has earned LEED Silver, LEED ND, Neighborhood Development. Sustainable principles have been applied in design, construction and operation of City Creek Center.  For example, more than 50% of demolition debris has been recycled.  City Creek Center was a LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED ND) pilot project.  It is one of 60 pilot projects in the country selected to participate in a focus group that is helping the U.S. Green Building Council finalize its new LEED ND certification process.  

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What is entailed to be LEED certified?

To be LEED certified you have to be evaluated by the US Green Building Council in accordance with their rating system. 

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There is convenient self-parking available underneath City Creek Center. Paid parking can be accessed from West Temple, South Temple, 100 South and State Street. 


Parking is owned and operated by City Creek Parking.

Phone: (801) 321-8760


Self-Parking Rates:

First 2 Hours= Free


3rd Hour= Free with a restaurant validation from Brio Tuscan Grille, The Cheesecake Factory, Texas De Brazil, or Nordstrom Sixth & Pine


Each additional hour=  $2


Daily Maximum rate= $20 


Valet Parking: Enter Regent Street from westbound 100 South between State Street and Main Street. Valet parking is managed by City Creek Center.


Valet rates:

3 Hours or less 

 $            5.00

4 Hours or less

 $            9.00

5 Hours or less

 $          13.00

6 Hours or less

 $          17.00

7 Hours or less

 $          21.00

8 Hours /daily max 

 $          25.00

*Valet closes 1 hour after the City Creek Center restaurants close. 


City Creek Center Perks

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